we create pot stills

For the construction of modular pot stills, as a basic material, we use copper and, as complementary materials, stainless steel and acid-resistant steel. Copper is used to construct components that are in direct contact with distillate; while stainless and acid-resistant steel are used to build elements that do not come into contact with distillate.
Why copper ?
- despite the fact that it is expensive and difficult to process, we have decided to use copper, since copper pot stills enable to obtain distillate of qualities not achievable with distillation in steel devices. There are many steel "pot stills" on the market, but we have decided to rely on tradition and quality — that is copper.
In addition, undeniable advantages of copper put it above all "modern" solutions. Copper absorbs sulfur compounds produced during fermentation, catalyzes decomposition of esters and other undesirable substances, which could penetrate into distillate /it absorbs among others carcinogenic urethane/. Copper pot stills, unlike steel ones, are bacteriostatic and, paradoxically, easier to clean than steel alembics with copper catalysts.
It should also be noted that copper is a very good conductor of heat /copper - 370 W/m.K, steel - 58 W/m.K/. Thus, the energy consumption needed to carry out distillation process drops, and the process itself is more stable. Cooling also absorbs less energy, runs faster, and does not affect the quality of the distillate.
Stainless steel and acid resistant steel are used to build components that do not affect the quality of distillate (do not come into direct contact with the distillate). This solution enables to reduce costs and accelerate the construction of pot stills.
Our modular system allows to adjust pot still to the current needs of the user.alembic - scheme It enables to quickly change the production profile and distillate parameters.

Main parts of the set:
- boiler
- lid
- reflux condenser
Basic set can be expanded with:
- distillate tanks
- condenser
- agitator
- set of piping
- measuring devices

Basic set can be expanded with:
- 4-plate enriching column
- reflux condenser for plate column
- gin basket
- support base for plate column with reflux condenser
- control panel with metering system
- lamp for pot still
- fermentation tanks
- storage tanks for distillate
- spirit safe
all the sets are adapted to official /customs/ sealing


alembic boiler
1. without water jacket
2. with water jacket
- direct, external heating, heating coil, integrated heat source
boiler capacity
- from 150l to 3300l /smaller and larger are produced on special order/
- without water jacket - copper
- with water jacket: boiler - copper; water jacket - stainless steel


the alembic canopy

- copper
- polished


pot still lid
- swan neck
- swan neck with ball
- helmet head
- onion head
- plate column
- copper
- polished


by modifying the angle of vapor pipe, the intensity of aroma and the strength of distillate can be adjusted /e.g. final condenser/

final condenser
1. aroma < strength
2. aroma = strength
3. aroma > strength
- copper
- polished

Our pot stills are designed to achieve the best parameters of the distillate. To construct the pot stills we use materials supplied by producers with whom we have been cooperating in the production of industrial distillation systems for many years. It guarantees certain quality and high parameters, which translates into reliability of devices and high work culture.
All the modules are tested several times, and the assembled lines are checked for efficiency and tightness.
We design and manufacture pot stills on special orders, adapting our products to the individual needs of purchasers. All the pot stills of our production are covered by a guarantee and after-sales service.