we design alembics

For several decades,

we have been designing installations for the distillery industry

. Our portfolio includes complete distillation systems, modernization projects for old distillation systems, as well as projects for expansion of existing production lines. We implement projects based on the requirements and expectations of the ordering parties and using our own proven technologies. We possess a professional design studio, in which we create concepts for high quality solutions of outstanding durability, functionality and safety. In designing we use advanced software supported by 3D technology. Not only do we offer standard, proven solutions tailored to specific conditions, but also we create innovative industrial installation systems.
theory of design
Before we created our first pot still, we had spent several years gathering information on the construction and principles of operation. We started to study distillate production processes by getting acquainted with historical and contemporary studies. We have used knowledge and experience of the producers that use pot stills to manufacture distillates. We have devoted a lot of time to find materials suitable for the production of pot stills. We have tested many copper and steel grades so that our pot stills could produce distillates of the best taste qualities. We have changed designs several times striving to achieve maximum performance, while maintaining the traditional distillate production methods. Several years of work have resulted in

modular pot stills

alembic design
Se are the first and, until now,

the only producer of modular stills

characterized by ease and, above all, fast configuration, while maintaining the traditional method of distillation and achieving the highest values of distillate. The modular system allows to adjust the distillation process to the current needs at a relatively low cost. It enables to quickly and easily change heat source, increase or decrease pot still capacity, change type of produced distillate or modify its parameters /purity and strength/.
modules of alembics
Several decades of experience in designing and creating equipment for distillation industry enables us to rise to the most difficult challenges. We design single pot stills
as well as entire production lines equipped with all necessary devices
. According to the customer's requirements, we select adequate heating systems and capacities of pot stills. We also design suitable condensers. If a customer wants a distillate of higher strength, we design distillation columns with reflux condenser mounted directly on pot stills. We also design spirit safes and other equipment necessary in the distillation process.