modular copper alembic


/latin alembicus/ is a former laboratory equipment used for distillation, initially ceramic or glass and later copper. Its invention /around 800 AD/ is attributed to Jabber Ibn Hajan, an Arab physician and alchemist.stary alembik However, it turns out that this ingeniously simple device was already known to Greek alchemists several hundred years earlier. Because of its perfection, alembics /pot stills/ are successfully used, in various variants, till today.

Early installations were heated directly on an open hearths. If the process required a gradual heating, a pot was placed in hot water or sand in order to avoid undesirable effects of open fire. Currently, traditional wood hearths are still used; however, electric, gas and steam heaters prevail.

Pot still design and material from which it was made have a significant influence on the quality of the obtained distillate. The shape of upper condenser - / called SWAN NECK / determines taste and quality of distillate. The smaller the surface of condensation is, the more essential oils the distillate contains and the more intense it tastes. Thanks to the large condensing surface, we obtain lighter aroma with smaller amount of essential oils. Stronger and cleaner distillate can be received, if distillation column with reflux condenser is mounted directly on pot still.

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copper alembic
Equally important to the quality of distillate is the material from which the pot still has been made. In our production, we use two materials -


and stainless steel. The basic one is copper, which is the best for the production of neutral spirits. Copper absorbs sulfur compounds and ethyl carbamate, preventing them from penetration into distillate. In addition, copper is bacteriostatic, which is of great importance in the production of neutral spirit. The very high thermal coefficient of copper reduces energy required to heat and maintain rectification stability. It also absorbs less coolant than other materials. On the other hand, stainless steel is used in distilleries that produce industrial distillates.
Modular copper pot stills

Modular copper pot stills combines traditional production methods of distillation equipment with advanced 3D modeling technique. Search for alternative solutions and multi-year experience in construction of distillation systems have resulted in

the system of copper modular pot stills

, unparalleled among the other manufacturers.

Thanks to the modules designed by our company, it is possible to easily and, above all, quickly choose the configuration of pot stills, basing on four basic criteria:
- type of heat
- pot still capacity
- type of produced distillate
- purity and strength of distillate

modular copper pot stills
Our solutions allow to quickly change the production profile depending on the current customer's needs and obtain the desired distillate parameters at a relatively low cost. All
the pot still designs
are prepared in accordance with the customer's expectations, maintaining the highest standards, which guarantees the desired results.

Here you can find more information on configuration, design and creation of pot stillshere
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